Best cheap Ghost hosting with free domain

I am very excited to start my personal blog! After spending some time and contemplating between Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger and Ghost, I decided to go with Ghost. Honestly it was an easy choice for me - I instantly fell in love

I liked everything about it:

  • Online Markdown editor with two split panes and an instant preview - it was the biggest selling point for me.

  • Neat and a good looking. The default theme (Casper) is so good that I decided to keep it. But many other themes are available for free.

  • Easy to customize themes, ready to use with all the latest web goodies.

  • Responsive design - yay!

  • A very enthusiastic development team truly excited about their product.

It just clicked instantly and it was such a good excuse to try this platform and start my blog - HUGE thanks to Ghost team for that!

My next step was to find a cheap hosting. Since I was not sure if I even need a blog, I did not really want to spend a lot of money on it. Quickly enough I discovered Cheap and Awesome Ghost hosting with FastComet. Honestly it seemed too good to be true. Not only the starting plan was very competitive ($2.99 a month), these guys pay for your domain name, store your data on SSD, provide fast CDN and have 24x7 technical support:

Fastcomet Ghost Hosting

It was very tempting so I clicked on a Live chat button to see if someone would actually get back to me. Right away they said "hi" and quickly answered all my questions - I was sold at that point and decided to give it a try. 30 minutes later I got my account up and running, created my brand new and shiny personal domain and opened two support tickets with additional questions about Ghost installation. I did not really expect them to get back to me right away but they did! Not only that, they helped me to finish my setup and pointed me to the very well written tutorials on their web-site. All took less than an hour.

A couple days later I opened a few more tickets to them (one to enable SSH and another one to help with email setup) - both were answered within 10 minutes . I would like to thank FastComet guys - Hi Michael P, Daniel Lee and Anthony Evans! I have never ever got this type of service from so inexpensive hosting and it is great to know that I can get help when I need it.

If you are looking for a good inexpensive hosting for Ghost (sorry guys for calling you cheap earlier but it is in a good way!), do not hesitate and give FastComet a try.